Unisex Model Cell Frame
  • Unisex Model Cell Frame



    NEW bluelight cut lenses developed and manufactured with unique coating technology in Japan.




    UNISEX Model is very popular, and most of the 20-35 years old customers are fond of this frame.

    It makes you look younger and is lighter than other plastic frames, you would feel more comfortable while you are enjoying your new digital experience.

    Lens Colour

    框架顏色: 黑X黑, 藍X藍, 黑X玳瑁, 玳瑁X黑

    Colours of frame: Black X Black, Blue X Blue, Black X Tortoiseshell, Tortoiseshell X Black

    鏡片顏色: 酒紅色 (MOBA), 淺灰色(FPS, 接近零色差), 啡色(格鬥遊戲),NEO-BLUE(只提供無度數鏡片)

    Lens colour: Wine Red (for MOBA games), Gray (for FPS games), Brown (for Fighting games),NEO-BLUE(Plano only)