Unisex Model Metal Frame
  • Unisex Model Metal Frame



    NEW bluelight cut lenses developed and manufactured with unique coating technology in Japan.




    UNISEX Model is very popular, and most of the 20-35 years old customers are fond of this frame.

    This vintage style is lighter than other frames, you would feel more comfortable while you are enjoying your new digital experience.

    框架顏色: 黑X藍, 紅X黑, 銀X黑, 金X玳瑁

    Colours of frame: Black X Blue, Red X Black, Silver X Black, Gold X Tortoiseshell

    鏡片顏色: 酒紅色 (MOBA), 淺灰色(FPS, 接近零色差), 啡色(格鬥遊戲),NEO-BLUE(只提供無度數鏡片)

    Lens colour: Wine Red (for MOBA games), Gray (for FPS games), Brown (for Fighting games),NEO-BLUE(Plano only)